Let’s see a community transformed!

Will you invest in West Tampa?

School is BACK this fall, but let’s make sure all our kids are ready! REVIVE Church of Tampa is here to help equip families across West Tampa. 

We believe that each child has a God-given purpose that makes their hearts soar. It’s the igniting of that purpose that catapults each of us into our destinyThis August 6th, we will host a Back-to-School party for children, youth and families in our neighborhood to join us as we explore, discover, and ignite what has been in our kiddos all along! 

This year we would love to not only offer a backpack pantry for local families, but also to provide some incredible giveaways to bless the families including an electric scooter, electronic items that help with their education, like laptops, keyboards, headphones and computer mice, gift cards for school shoes and clothing, as well as some gift cards for fun experiences and events. Moreover, we also want to offer giveaways for the parents to support them in the school year like resources for meals and family activities. 

Are you in? Are you ready to invest in the children and families of West Tampa? We are aiming to raise $4,000 to provide dinner, offer immersive activities for children and families, and offer some incredible giveaways to give the children of this neighborhood a leg up on their education by lighting the fire of their passion and providing the tools to make it happen. 


Will you invest $100 or $50 to serve up His Kingdom at the Good Friday West Tampa Community Event?

  • At just $50 each, we can meet this budget, with only 80 folks giving. Will you be one of these? 
  • Or maybe you want to see us blow past our $4,000 goal and help invest in future events as well? You can set up monthly giving as an option too! 

Give to the Cause

Give once now to help provide the food, supplies and incredible giveaways for the neighborhood parents and kids during this community event.  Your gift means so much to us and to this community!

Anything raised above the goal will either be used to provide more food and fun for this event or will roll into the budget for the next community event. 

REVIVE Church of Tampa is a registered 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. You will receive a giving statement at the end of the year.


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