Let’s see a community transformed!

Will you invest in West Tampa?

We are throwing a West Tampa Community BBQ and we need your help! 

Who would have thought a simple invitation to a “church barbeque” would change a life 

That’s exactly what happened last February. Pastor Ray invited his co-worker, Amber, to the community barbeque where she was able to sit and watch her kids play while meeting church members in a relaxed setting. She remembers that everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming 

By Monday morning, Amber noticed that she wasn’t experiencing the intense back pain that had become normal for her. She stopped by Ray’s desk at work to tell him and his nonchalant reply was “I know. We prayed for you.” She was so bowled over by the love and care that she knew she had to come back and be part of this community where miracles happened 

This was the start of Amber’s journey connecting with God. She was baptized in March 2020 and will tell you herself that she is blessed to have found a home and family in REVIVE Church, thanks to a simple invitation to a “church barbeque.” 

This block party serves up a whole lot more than just food and fellowship. Just like with Amber, God will encounter our neighbors here in West Tampa through this community event and change lives. We need to raise $1650 to bring this dream to life.


Will you invest $100 or $50 to serve up His Kingdom at the February 2021 West Tampa Community BBQ?

  • At $50 each, we can meet this budget, and it only takes 33 people to do so. Will you be one of these?

Give to the Cause

Give once now to help provide the food and supplies for the neighborhood parents and kids during this community event.  Your gift means so much to us and to this community!

REVIVE Church of Tampa is a registered 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. You will receive a giving statement at the end of the year.


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