Hey, Ladies! It’s time to gather for our 8th annual REVIVE Women’s Conference. Wondering what this event is like and if it’s for you? We’ve got you covered! Click the video below to hear from Pastor Erica Pyle as she shares the vision for this year’s Comeback Girl conference event.


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We sing loudly, we smile broadly, and we laugh without reservation. We also encounter our God who sees us and calls us out by name. Our conferences allow each one of us to experience the joy of God’s presence along with intense moments where we are held in strong, capable hands that free us from old habits and thought pathways. We are challenged with the powerful truth of God’s goodness and love to put aside our coping mechanisms and choose real life with Him and with a community of women who believe with and for us. Here’s who’ll be leading us on the journey this year.

Erica Pyle

Meet Erica Pyle. This firebrand preacher has a word and a gifting over her life to bring breakthrough and victory into the room. She teaches with authority based on her choice to trust God fully at his word. Since 2011, Erica and her husband Doug have served as the Senior Pastors of REVIVE Church of Tampa. Armed with the word of God, a health coach certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a CPA and Master’s in Taxation, Erica regularly takes on issues of health and wellness, financial breakthrough, and victory found in the power of God. Born in New York City, but raised in Tampa, Florida, Erica has traveled the world to return home, challenged by God to believe Him at His word to revive the neighborhood of West Tampa, a beaten-down community in the heart of Tampa. In 2017, Doug and Erica heard God’s call to physically move the church from South Tampa to West Tampa and by 2019 they had moved their family into the neighborhood to be an integral part of the neighborhood’s rebirth. 

Lisa Moramarco

Lisa Moramarco. Our event host and emcee for the REVIVE Women’s Conference, Lisa Moramarco is a dynamic communicator who rallies us to hear and follow the heartbeat of God through humor and by challenging us with her own testimony of life on the edge with God. Her story is one of finding faith and a forever family in spite of the odds facing a teenage rebel from the middle of Ohio. As one of the first members of REVIVE Church of Tampa, Lisa has been instrumental in helping create a culture of fierce women who don’t back down from a challenge. She will be leading the charge this year as we unpackage what it means to truly be a Comeback Girl. 

REVIVE Women Storytellers

REVIVE Women, featuring Audette Bruce, Victoria Butterly, Lucy Hernandez, Sadie, Gathers, Jessica Chapman, Cathrine Diaz, and Kristine Surgeon – The intimate stories shared by these seven women illustrate the infinite dimensions of God’s love and care. In each story, you see the Father’s love in constant pursuit of his daughters. Sharing vignettes from their lives, with tears and laughter, these women embody the spirit of a Comeback Girl and will encourage you wherever you are in your own story.

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This event is FOR YOU! It’s time to carve out some space to see how God can truly lead you back to the original purpose and destiny he created you for. Let’s do this together!

Worship That Awakens

We press into worship, resetting our hearts completely on Him and drawing God’s presence that fills up the room We are then unlocked from the cares of this world, able to breathe, see, and know from his perspective. We won’t go forward without Him.  

Community That Sharpens

We place trust in one another, even when it’s hard. Sometimes this means mistakes are made. But beauty and growth come out of reconciliation, so we don’t shy away from honest conversations. We choose vulnerability where we learn to love and be loved in this family. 

A Word That Transforms

We value the word of God and we stand on it completely, even when it conflicts with our current situations, previous histories or personal preferences. We take the risk, believe and declare God at His word and then we expect and look for results – because His word works. 

Are You Ready, Comeback Girl?

 Will you be joining us in person at our West Tampa campus or Online? *Please note that IF we are unable to offer an in-person option due to local COVID-19 guidance around gatherings, those registering for in-person tickets will have all-access to our online event and will still receive their swag bag and a lunch gift card. We’ve got you, girl!