Wedding Officiate Request

The pastoral staff of REVIVE Church of Tampa do not perform weddings for hire. Instead, we see officiating a wedding as an extension of our pastoral privilege to be extended to members of our church family. As such, the following are requirements for those who wish to be married by any member of the pastoral team of REVIVE Tampa:

  • Both parties to be married are “Members in Good Standing” of REVIVE Tampa – regular attender, participates in serving and events (establishes “relationship”)
  • Both parties complete the REVIVE Tampa 6-week Pre-Marrieds Course with pastors of the pastoral team’s selection (establishes “responsibility”)
  • Both parties intend to continue membership in the church going forward (establishes “accountability”)
  • Both parties agree that the officiant will perform a Christian wedding where the name of Jesus will be preached and Biblical scriptures will be shared, as marriage is a covenant based upon the grace and truth of the gospel (establishes “authenticity”)

The recommended honorarium for a REVIVE Tampa pastor officiating your wedding is $250.

If you are interested in having a REVIVE Tampa pastor perform your wedding, please fill out the form below.

Officiant Request Form