Kids Programs

Growing the Next Generation

REVIVE Kids is church for children ages 6 months through 5th grade and runs Sunday mornings from 10:45am-12:30pm (providing childcare for parents attending service at 11:00am).

Our goal is to surround your kids with the love and inspiration of God while encouraging a passion and admiration for His House. We employ a bible based curriculum that highlights worship, prayer and service along with real-life applications that will serve each child throughout their week at home, in school and in the community. Your kids will find these sessions to be highly engaging and tons of FUN!

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Jessica Chapman

Jessica Chapman

REVIVE Kids Director

Crafting the Kingdom: God’s Builders

Welcome back for another amazing year in REVIVE Kids Church!  This year’s theme is Crafting the Kingdom – God’s Builders.  We will learn how God’s kingdom is built here on Earth through bible study and creative application.

We follow a structure each month that ensures your child receives a well-rounded understanding of the theme and knows how to apply the lesson in their daily lives.  The first Sunday of the month is reserved for bible study to dive deep into the word and focus on what God wants us to learn from specific stories in the bible.  We use the second Sunday of each month to apply what we’ve learned to real world scenarios.  We get creative on our third Sunday!  We use our bodies and minds through song, dance, and craft to further apply the month’s lesson.   Our last Sunday is designed as an outreach event.  We encourage kids to bring a friend on this Sunday because it is our Field Day Sunday.  This is a time for us to celebrate our learning and to open up our church home to new friends and family members so that they can see what we are all about.

All of our lessons are designed with your child’s development in mind.  This is why we break up students into distinct age groups – the nursery, 1-3’s, 4-11’s, and youth.  The nursery is further divided into walkers and non walkers.  Your child is welcome to join us in REVIVE Kids as soon as they are 6 months old.

Our main goal in REVIVE Kids is to raise your child up to be a responsible and influential child of God.  We know that God has a special calling for each of us. The gifts of the Spirit are evident at an early age.  We have prayer warriors, prophetic voices, healers, and pastors that bring heaven to earth every Sunday in Kids Church.